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Tip of the Week #2: Mitigate MERGE Mayhem with the MERGENOBY SAS System OptionThe MERGENOBY SAS System Option can avoids one-to-one merges of two or more files in a Data Step.... More »
Tip of the Week #1: Just Say No to Table TMI with PROC FREQ's NO OptionsPROC FREQ's default output often contains TMI (Too Much Information) which is unnecessary for your report or analysis. Using appropriate options in the TABLES Statement easily eliminates TMI.... More »

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  • Sierra's Principal Consultant, Andrew Karp, selected by SAS Institute for "Circle of Excellence" recognition.  Online article and more info here.
  • Updates to Free SAS Training Materials Downloads
    • NEW! ODS Style Templates in SAS 9.4 vs. Previous Releases (PDF) here
    • Getting the Most from PROC MEANS-Generated Data Sets (PDF) here
    • Tips and Techniques for Large Files (PDF) here

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Sierra delivers a wide range of data solutions, including predictive modeling, forecasting, customer segmentation, business intelligence, graphics and data management using SAS Software.  Our clients include leaders in the public utilities, logistics, finance/banking, insurance, higher education, health care and public sectors.  Learn More >>>

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Sierra delivers cost effective, focused, training options for individuals and groups wanting to exploit their organization's data with SAS Software's powerful capabilities. Learn More >>>
  • Online Training: Sierra Data Science provides live, instructor-led, online training seminars offering low-cost, high-value ways to improve your SAS programming and analytical tool set. Learn More >>>
  • Customized On-Site Learning Solutions: Ensure your team knows the right way to apply the right SAS tools to solve your programming, business intelligence, analytics and reporting challenges via our affordable on-site customized training solutions.  Learn More >>>

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